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IT Network Solution

As a Malaysia, Petaling Jaya base IT solutions company, Our IT consultant, IT project manager and IT engineer has very wide range of experience in this field.

1) Computer, Server and Network equipment - IT Support, IT Maintenance, IT Outsource, IT Repair Service

This is to provide Malaysia companies one stop IT Support, IT Maintenance Service to Corporate, Multi National Corporate oversea office, Small Medium Business and Industry. The maintenance service include, IT Server, PC hardware and software maintenance, Printer, Network switch, Anti Virus (Server and PC), Firewall, Backup software, Cabling, Internet connection, documentation and others.

2) IT Network system integration – High Availability ( Internet Load Balancer, Server Load Balancer, Firewall, Router, IT Network Switches and others)

We are specializing in network availability for internet access (Internet Load Balancer), firewall availability, network switches redundancy and etc. The principal and manufacturer that we work closely with include Peplink, Cisco, Fortinet, Microsoft, HP, IBM, APC, Pepwave, VmWare, Acronis and others. Our ultimate goal for this IT service is to provide manage service for router, internet load balancer, firewall and others. This will ease customer workload on IT support, IT Maintenance and focusing in their core business areas.

Focus IT Network product, Solutions and Services
3) IT Data Center, Server Room Design and Build

We can provide IT data center or IT server room design and setup, base on customer’s needs, business objective, ease of operation and management.

Components that include in the data center are, electrical, UPS, genset, precision air condition, fire suppression system, fire detection system, raised floor, cabling, building automation system, access control, network monitoring tools, cabling arrangement, lightning arrangement, wiring arrangement, air flow control, network operation center and others.
4) One Stop IT Solution, IT Consultation, IT Project Management

We can provide one stop solution to our client on all the services that we offer from IT consultation, IT project management and implementation to maintenance service. This will ease our customer concern on working with many parties to isolate the problems or completing the task.

Software Development and IT Programming

We do software development and programming for our client to improve their automation process and efficiency. The programming language that we use is C++, C#, Xamarin and others.

Our capabilities include software and database development, hardware integration with software via low level programming, machine integration and others. Client Server programming, Web base application programming, Mobile App programming.

We have developed a mobile chat app call “Ngobrol” which is available in google appstore. We also developed some software call “Passport Check” for passport authentication software and server database.

Computer, IT Support, IT Maintenance, IT Outsource, IT Vendor Malaysia

With reference to Malaysia current market need on IT Support, IT Maintenance, IT Outsource Service, IT Vendor, we understand that corporate and SME is looking for reliable vendor to maintain and support their company IT system and requirements. Brightclick Solutions Sdn Bhd would like to offer our dedicated, flexible, cost efficient IT maintenance support services to our client.

Our IT engineer team can provide IT support and maintenance service to our client located in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Shah Alam, Klang, Rawang, Bangi, KLIA, Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and other cities in Malaysia.

The current problem face by the customer are for internal IT support and maintenance:
  • It is very costly and expensive to employ a team of IT professional that take care IT Systems like PC, Servers, Printers, Switches, Firewall, internet connectivity and etc.
  • If only employ one people also will not have all the skill set ready.
  • Upkeep and training the appropriate people will be difficult as well.
  • Tools and testing equipment also costly to own.
  • IT Repair service also a need by our corporate and MNC customers.
With all the problem mention above customer would like to focus on their main core business for generating revenue rather then thinking how to maintain and take care of their equipment and support the day to day operation task. Let us take care of it cost efficiently by sharing the human and equipment resources of our company.

IT Repair service, as for the Printer and PCs that need to repair, we also can perform the IT repair service to provide One Stop IT maintenance service to our customer.

To obtain a quote for your company It support maintenance service. You just need to inform us the number of PCs, printers, switches, firewall, internet connection and we will provide price and scope of support for your kind perusal.

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